Kalikot , where thousands of marginalized communities are suffering from health state. Following on fallacy, credulity, sorcery and primitive practice on health sectors made their subsistence is in dolour. For inconsiderable malady diarrhea, whopping cough and illness, populace are taking harder breathe where these diseases can be remedy with in a day for all ache, agony and hard breathe ,Raskot Community Hospital is on the frame of escort the marginalized family and pregnant women in the kalikot borough. The constitution of Nepal of Nepal has implemented the basic freedom on health related rights in 2072 B.S where every individual has right to have facilitated health services and health issues. But if you compare the capital city Kathmandu and Kalikot , a huge difference in every sectors on education, health related issues, snag and life style. Kathmandu or any other big cities in Nepal, individuals will get the health aid within an hour whereas for kalikot people they to carry patients in a punnet and have to walk for miles for nearby health post or they have to travel for 12 hours to get best health service in proximate district. For the thousands of sufferer a single doctor or health coworker give their service. The quality of health in maintained by formulating a curriculum and introducing advanced technologies that allows for the greater innovation in the communities. Raskot Community Hospital invests in health of pregnant women, children from marginalized communities In order to empower young women and children to create better prospects for themselves and their families in the future, where health is desperately needed, though modern teaching and health methodology. Since our inception we are planning to construct 15 bedded hospital building in Kalikot district ensuring quality health for more than 76 thousands population. We aim to construct this project by the end of 2022. RCH is reverently request to all the individuals to join hands for the escort the marginalized people, increasing services, medical equipment for all.