Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the working members for this project?

The link to the working members’ details is here:

Who is leading this project?

Rabi Lamichhane, Nepali television presenter who set the world record for hosting the longest-ever television talk show broadcast in News24 Television in April, 2013. He is one of the most popular TV journalists working in Nepal and is leading this project.

What is Raskot Community Hospital ?

Raskot Community Hospital is an upcoming project that will accommodate 15 beds and provide health services to patients in Raskot, Karnali district, Nepal.

The hospital shall provide medical assistance such as :

  • emergency services,
  • treatment of common diseases and injuries,
  • maternal and prenatal healthcare,
  • a 24 hour/day delivery service,
  • emergency obstetric care,
  • child health services (including oral health services, accident prevention and rehabilitation, post trauma problems, operation services, chronic disease – diagnosis, control and referral, counseling and school health programs and preventive services) and
  • outreach support such as seasonal camps at a community level.