रास्कोट सामुदायिक अस्पतालका केहि विशेषताहरू
September 20, 2018
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Her name is “Asha”, 6 year old kid with mental and physical disability in Raskot is still hopeful.

The term Asha in Nepali means Hope.  She was born as a normal kid 6 year back in poor family. She was nurtured as a normal kids what a family can affod. Her father is a Assistant health worker and serving the locals since long time. Few years back, the kid was infected with infection in her tooth. Had she been treated at the begining of the disease, she would have been a normal kid like her brother, unfortunately the toothache turn into serious problem.

Due to lack of local health facilities which  could have treated her simple problem, now she is mentally and physically disable.

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