Raskot Community Hospital (RCH) is a non-government, nonprofit Kalikot based organization with its head office in Raskot – 05, Kalikot, Nepal .Raskot Community Hospital is a 15 bedded digitalized community hospital with OT lead by MDGP doctor.It is run by some youths, social activist and development workers from different sectors. The Fundamental philosophy of Raskot Community Hospital is to provide sustainable assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups i.e. women, indigenous nationalities and low caste people within Nepali communities, focusing primarily on health status of displaced, destitute and needy children as well as children with disabilities. Raskot Community Hospital aims to up-lift communities through enhancing the health status.


Our Vission
To provide access digitalized health service for all.

Our Mission
To establish 15 bedded digitalized hospital with innovative and quality health services systems. Our mission is not a task for us it’s a dream that we have dared to share and we appeal every supporting line agency and stakeholders to work together to success this mission.